Etho Studio has rich graphic design experience in the realms of sustainability and urban design. The studio’s portfolio includes a wide range of visual communication assets for forward-looking developers, energy and infrastructure experts, and organizations that are adopting new strategies for a green economy.

The studio is currently working on the Lighter Footprint App from concept to development, partnering with BCIT and 10 BC municipalities. The app helps BC residents understand, track and lighten their footprints, and is being piloted as a teaching tool in Vancouver and beyond.


Branding & Identity

Etho creates thoughtful, unique visual identities from the ground up—uncovering what corporate characteristics need to be woven into the logo and beyond.

Signage & Wayfinding

With a love of architecture and well-designed spaces, Etho helps express the visual language of a company across a physical space in wayfinding and directional signage.

Reports & Presentations

Specialising in ESG and Sustainability reports, Etho helps translate yearly themes into a brand-appropriate visual language across 50+ page digital and printed reports.

Books & Brochures

Etho helps transcribe a brand story across the pages of a book—selecting unique papers, binding, and finishes to create a physical piece with a tangible aura.

Editing & Copywriting

Design is best when paired with the right language. By creating imagery and copy in the same seamless process, Etho creates content that speaks the same language.

Photography Direction

Etho provides photography direction for brand imagery—attending shoots to help direct and insure that the images captured can be used across all corporate assets.

Websites & Apps

Etho starts by creating user flows and wireframes to create a system that is then stylised with the brand visual language—ensuring functionality and beauty.


Often using messaging distilled in the branding process, Etho helps create digital and print ads that convey a message in a small amount of visual real estate.